June 02, 2021
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01. The Challenge

O One of the greatest challenge nowadays is the rampant spread of Corona Virus that is happening all over the world. It is not stopping, but we can minimize the doom effect of it. Government and Private organizations are obliged to follow the New Normal protocols, such are extensive cleanliness, social distancing, vaccinations, and contract tracing. 

02. Working Process

Bitnacs, Inc. takes pride in achieving one of the required government protocols that allows individuals to be kept track in case an individual is found positive of the Corona Virus. Bitnacs’ Hyperpass is used to track people using the website e-commerce application developed and launched early this year. It allows Hyperlokal customers to have the pass and to be traced in case a worst scenario of an infected individual is pinpointed. The customers data are saved on the cloud that easily allows everyone using the application to be traced.

03.It is a protocol

Protocol needs to be implemented and imposed by the law. The government imposing strict implementation of the contact tracing form whether it be in malls, supermarkets, local markets, churches etc. Hyperlokal got this , but it can also be shared to any organization who needs it. With Hyperpass , there is an ease of contact tracing people.